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Getting started with TYP in three steps

1. Register your school

The first member of staff in your school to sign-up to TYP will need to complete a few extra details to confirm the school's account. Access codes for teachers and students can then be distributed so that everyone can easily join your school’s TYP account.​

  1. To register, go to and click Login and then Get Started

  2. Choose Teacher and when asked enter your school's Roll Number. Each school can only be registered once - if another teacher in your school has already registered then you will need to contact that teacher for an access code.

  3.  If you are first to register an account with TYP for your school you will need to enter contact details for both yourself and the school. A working email address to which you have access will be needed to receive the initial account activation email.

2. Add your subject classes

You'll need to add the classes you teach so that students can join the classes when they join TYP. Here's how quick it is to add a subject class.

3. Share the access code with your students

To get your students using TYP then share the Student Access Code. You can also encourage other teachers in your school to sign up using the Teacher Access Code. Both codes are immediately visible when you first login to TYP. Here's how easy it is to share access codes.

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